Vinci Hell Anime (无间地狱动画)

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[Source : 感恩於台湾生命电视台(LifeTV, Taiwan)委托华藏光明ALCOO数码制作3D动画片地藏菩萨的故事]


Hell Scene Painting Video (English Narration)

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World of Ultimate Bliss

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1 眾聖來迎


Amitabha Buddha and Other Sages Welcome Sentient Beings to the World of Ultimate Bliss


The greatest achievement in one’s lifetime is to be reborn in the “Pure land” within this life. This will allow us to break away from the perpetual cycle of rebirth and free us from the suffering of both life and death. The World of Ultimate Bliss is the unsurpassed Pure Land, created by Amitabha Buddha’s incomparable will power with the purpose of ending the sufferings of all beings. If we have the faith, the vow, and the practice in chanting Amituofo mindfully. If we have complete sincerity in our faith, vow, and practice and we abide by the teachings of Buddha and practice this continually all our lives, at the time when our life comes to an end, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will come and lead us to the World of Ultimate Bliss.


Practice of Ten Good Deeds

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Practices of Ten Good Deeds Lead to the Heavens


If we are not able to go to the World of Ultimate Bliss, but we did accumulate good karma through good deeds within our lifetime, we can still go to the heavens to enjoy heavenly bliss. However, the Ten Good Deeds must be observed.


What are the Ten Good Deeds?

1. No killing   2. No stealing   3. No sexual misconduct   4. No lying  5. No enticing speech  6. No slander  7. No abusive speech  8. No greed  9. No anger  10. No ignorance


Observe the Five Precepts

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To Gain a Human Form by Observing the Five Precepts


Buddha said to be born into the human form is unbelievably rare and “the human form once lost is extremely hard to regain.” How can one attain the human form in the next life? The basic requirement is to observe the Five Precepts.


What are the Five Precepts?

1.  No killing  2. No stealing  3. No sexual misconduct  4. No lying  5. No intoxicants


Whether one is rich or poor in life, depends on the amount of good and bad deeds one accumulates previously. There is a saying that to know what we did in our previous lives, we only need to know what we have in our present lives; to know what might shape our future life, we simply look at what we are doing now. It is fundamental that we understand this concept.


Practice of Ten Evil Deeds

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Practices of Ten Evil Deeds Leading to Suffering in Hells


The Ten Evil Deeds are the opposite of the Ten Good Deeds. There are only a few decades in one’s life. If we do not realize the need to practice good deeds, or we choose to ignore the law of “cause and effect” or we do not practice doing good deeds and accumulate virtues, when we are taken by the Judge of Impermanence, when we are standing before the gate of Hell, it will be too late to regret.


Too late to Regret

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Too Late to Regret Now, the Judge is Here to Try Us


It is like waking up from a dream. All actions done in one’s life will be judged after one’s death.